The 2016 Presidential election is nearly upon us. Who's your pick to run our beloved country for the next four years? Here at All Promotions, Etc, we're solidly behind a candidate who we know can get America back on track in a heartbeat- and he's red, white and blue down to the bone. To United States Marine Corps Veterans, this giant of a man needs no introduction. He's none other than legendary Marine Corps Lieutenant General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, the most decorated and beloved Marine in our 241 year history.

To actively support Chesty's campaign to become our next Commander-In-Chief, we are offering a limited time only "CHESTY FOR PRESIDENT" t-shirt in a patriotic navy blue. The front of the t-shirt displays the two major party mascots with the words "Vote Chesty" emblazoned over your heart.  The back of the t-shirt patriotically features Chesty draped by Old Glory while sporting his infamous thousand yard stare at anyone in your immediate airspace (not to be confused with safe space).

Although designed with the 2016 election in mind, this t-shirt is timeless in exuding where your heart lies. These are perfect gifts for any Marine, young and old, as well as anyone who recognizes we need to get crackin' in restoring America's honor and glory. Don't delay! Order Deadline is Sunday, October 16. Order yours today by clicking HERE (link coming soon) and/or share this link with someone you know who may be interested in supporting CHESTY FOR PRESIDENT!